Understanding the Spiritual Puzzle

Spiritual Insights for Real World Problems
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About the Book

Most of the people in the world believe in some sort of spiritual component to existence. There are over two Billion Christians throughout the world. There are a billion Hindus in India where the religion is so pervasive it is hard to separate the culture from the religion. There are over a billion Muslims, many of them pray multiple times a day. Throughout South America, Africa and Asia there are hundreds of millions of spiritual folks: Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and many other religions. As important as spirituality and religion are to most people throughout the world it is rather unusual that the education system in the Western World looks down upon any real discourse, or ongoing education about the different spiritual beliefs in the world. In Western culture, it is not " politically correct" to discuss religion or spirituality. It is hard to believe something so important and something that is such a major part of so many people's lives is not really considered worth a lot of attention in many education systems.

The author believes that most people have their own concept of spirituality, and that these ideas can affect everything they do. The goal of this book is to help you understand the "big picture" of spirituality, and then to use this understanding to help you activate your spiritual life in the physical world. This book was written to help you understand and think about many different opinions of what spirituality is and how it affects everyday life. It is the author's hope that by understanding more about spirituality you will better understand how reality works and how you can have more control over your physical life through a better understanding of your spiritual life.

Trying to understand reality without a big picture understanding of spirituality is like trying to put together a puzzle without seeing the picture on the box.

If you do not have the picture on the box you are trying to put your life together by matching colors and shapes without a real understanding of how everything fits together.

This study starts by dividing all types of thoughts, or worldviews, into the spiritual and non- spiritual. We will discuss non- spiritual thought first, followed by spiritual worldviews and religions. Spiritual thought is divided into three categories. 1. Historical based religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. 2. Eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. 3. Non secular spirituality of all forms such as secular humanism and naturalism.

The author believes that your understanding of spirituality or non- spirituality influences your thoughts and actions much more than most of us realize, so it is important for everyone to try and better understand the big picture of spirituality and how it affects every one of us in our daily lives.

A portion of the proceeds of this book goes to the Greater Project Charity to help create generational change for forgotten, abused, and orphaned children.  
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Table of Contents

  1. What is your worldview
  2. Understanding the non-spiritual worldview
  3. Darwinism
  4. Secular Humanism & Naturalism
  5. Difficulties of non-spiritual belief
  6. The spiritual worldview
  7. Hinduism
  8. Buddhism
  9. New Age Spirituality
  10. Islam
  11. Judaism
  12. Christianity
  13. Jesus
  14. Forgiveness
  15. Free Will, Good/Evil, Salvation
  16. Faith, Prayer, Resurrection
  17. Summary –Activate your spirit
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Meet the Author

Bob Bernet

Bob has always been fascinated with understanding other beliefs and cultures. He always wants to understand things at the deepest level. He has read many books on many different religions and philosophies and he has traveled to South Asia many times. Bob is a great communicator and is good at explaining complicated things in simple language. He is thoughtful, honest and has a great sense of humor.

Bob and his wife Pasna were born 8,000 miles apart in different countries, with different religions, different diets, different languages and different alphabets. They have been married over 30 years with 2 wonderful boys and 1 grandchild. They both enjoy traveling and meeting new people with different ideas. They live near Cincinnati Ohio.

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